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We offer High Quality Premade Setup, or if you're looking for something more premium, we offer Custom Setups too.


Don't want a whole setup? Well we prove many Premade Configs, or we can make them just for you!


Want to show your players a MindBlowing Spawn, PvP Arena or any build? Our Builders are known for that much atleast.


In need of features that don't exist? Well, our Developers can make your imagination into a reality.


Welcome to Zeiyon LLC, where you can find a variety of services and products such as Server Setups, Java Development, Website Development, Plugin Configurations and more! Zeiyon LLC has a team of talented of product creators making all services from us exclusive. Meaning, you won't find products that we offer anywhere else! We're cheap, fast and high-quality, so what are you waiting for?

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